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My DeviantArt Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:01 PM

I'm afraid my story won't be very long, since I haven't been here very long. XD

I joined DeviantArt June 20, 2012. I had been drawing for some time before I actually found this site, but never thought that art would become such a big part of my life at the time.

My family wasn't exactly the best support crew for my artwork, and so I was starting to lose interest in my art. After all, nobody really seemed to care about what I drew and it was rather saddening for me.

Then I found DeviantArt, and it brought back my motivation for drawing and art. I remember how even one fave on my pictures would make me feel so good, and I found many wonderful artists who helped inspire me and give me the push I needed to keep on going.

I've also met a lot of awesome friends on DeviantArt. You guys will never know how much you all mean to me. We've spent time just chatting about goofy stuff and you've been there with words of comfort when I was hurting and in need of help.

Feature Time! :dummy:

Luxray by Squiggy13

This was the first drawing I ever submitted to DeviantArt.  It was also one of the first pictures I completed in Paint Tool SAI.

Shark Attack by Beeku

This was my first art collab picture between Beeku and myself. Special thanks to Beeku. I've loved RPing with you and doing art collabs with you.  ^-^

The CloverClan Siblings by Squiggy13

:icontheclansofthevalley: was the first RP group I ever joined and the people I've met from there have been great. I own several characters now but Emberpaw and her brothers are just awesome. These Cloverclan siblings are just too cute.  XD

Blah, blah, blah by Squiggy13

Out of all my characters, Nix has become one of my favorites. The interactions between her and Alexander usually always make me laugh.  XD

Elven Legends: Seika by Squiggy13
Seika's Trial   I stood at the entrance of the cave where I would take on the trial. This was it. My trial, my time to prove that this was where I truly belonged. If I could do this, then nobody would ever question my place here again. Although, no one really did that much now anyways. I knew no one really said much about my heritage, the fact I wasn't entirely an Iukan elf, anymore. Oh, there was still the occasional look or word about me from the higher up, snobby society people, but in general nobody cared.  I was my own worst judge in that regard.
    I sighed and walked inside, standing here wasn't going to get me a dragon that was for sure. I just wanted to get this over with. Zephyr, had come to see me off and wish me well. He told me he wanted to be the first person to see me flying back on my dragon and jokingly added that if I got myself beaten up very much, he'd try to top the bleeding before I died....I have yet to appreciate my brother's sense of humor, maybe b

Another of my characters whom I love. I wrote one of my first short stories about her. I've put her through a lot, so I figured she deserved a spot here. :3

And now for some honorable mentions. XD

Wake Me Up by Squiggy13

Purple Sunrise by Squiggy13

Livin' in the sunlight by Squiggy13

Hanging out with the guys by Squiggy13

Somewhere in my memory by Squiggy13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIANTART!! :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:


Squiggy13's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, my name is Meg. I am a self-taught artist from Oklahoma, USA. I love to draw,read, and play video games. I mainly draw pokemon or animals, because I'm not to good at drawing people(but I am working on that!). Thanks for checking out my art and feel free to leave me a comment on what you think about my art. Don't be afraid to ask me questions I don't bite. ^-^

Some fun facts about me.

I love drawing. (This should be obvious.)
I love Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy 7 games. ( Axel and Vincent Valetine are my fave characters. ^0^)
I love nature and animals. ( Except monkeys and apes, I don't like them much.)
I am a Christian and proud of it! (God is good people!)
I am a very good shot with my .243 rifle. ( I can hit a bullseye the size of a quarter from 50 yards baby!)
I enjoy talking with people on DeviantArt. ( Feel free to drop me a comment sometime ^-^.)
I suffer from a disease called chronic procrastination. ( You're lucky I got around to typing this. -_-)
I think I have tendonitis in my hands and wrists. ( Cold weather really seems to make worse.)
I am quite shy. ( Don't stare at me! o.0)
I don't go to any college. ( Lack of funds.)
My job is being the pet sitter for the people in my town. (Little kids get on my nerves so I watch cats, dogs, and occasionally goats.)
I was in 4-H and showed goats. ( And loved every minute of it. ^0^)
I cross-stitch as well as draw. ( Don't lose you're needles in the floor it really hurts when you find them with your feet. 0oO)
I can be very cheap and tight with my money. ( I prefer the word frugal.)
It is my opinion that the 90's cartoons were the best. ( 90's fo evah!!)
I dislike it when people swear a lot. ( I mean really the air is polluted enough already people.)
I would love to visit Japan one day. (But doubt I ever will.)
I still enjoy playing Pokemon. ( Been playin for 15 years. Old habits die hard.)
I love dragons and other mythical creatures. ( Can't draw them very well though.)
I read every comment I get. ( Even if I don't reply.)
I am not a girly girl and hate dressing up. (HISS!!)
My favorite color is green. (Green, green and more green. ^-^)
I suffer from typing dyslexia. ( Thank God for spellcheck, I would be a mess without it.)
I can only speak English. ( Yep, I guess I'm just an Oklahoma hick.)
I am not a sporty person. ( I don't enjoy getting injured for the sake of sports. -.-)

Note me if you want my Skype name. ^-^
My youtube name: DatAwesomeSquiggy13


Axel by winter-ame Second Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultry I Support Jesus by Amy-pink
Keep Christ in Christmas Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord I heart snails Stamp by FamiliarOddlings Kingdom Hearts 2 Stamp by TamyRT I forget :C by Animal-Stamp
Stamp-God Is My Number 1 Dad by Jazzy-C-Oaks I support my friends stamp by Synfull Umbreon Stamp by EeveeQueenJigglypuff Eeveelutions Stamp by EeveeQueenJigglypuff
Umbreon Stamp by HikariOkami :thumb158795847: Pokemon Stamp by K-i-e-r-i Politoed Stamp :D by Ryeii-Chan
DO NOT FAV - I play pokemon by stamps-club Stamp- Pokemon Fangirl by Sweety-Wanda Snails Need Love Too by breathlessxXxstamps Snails are cool 8D by Ligarththedragon
digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK EasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKid Sora by Ellexon
Riku by Ellexon Roxas by Ellexon :thumb176092841: Sephiroth stamp by Dietrich-March
186 - Politoed by Marlenesstamps I love Greyhounds by WishmasterAlchemist I love Rat Terriers by WishmasterAlchemist Animal lover. by Monster-Boar
I love Goats by WishmasterAlchemist I Love Goats Stamp by 123Stamps123 Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar Daydreamer Stamp by Mirz123
Christian Stamp 2 by Grizzled-Dog Yeup by ChikitaWolf F.R.O.G. Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl Christian Pumpkin by marshmellowbrains
Muppet Stamps.. by ohTHATsean Scraggy Stamp by whiteflamingo I heart Scraggy Stamp by BlueChulloHat Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
I don't know half ...stamp by kaede-kit Treebeard Stamp by Captain-Savvy You HAVE to listen to him BD (revised) by RebiValeska Okami stamp by THODRAGONFIRE
Stamp: Procrastinator Unite.. by Nawamane Chi's sweet home by NyYa-sama Not-there-yet by Mirz123 Stamp: Praising God by pralinkova-princezna
I'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlue Stamp-BarlowGirl by Jazzy-C-Oaks Stamp-Newsboys by Jazzy-C-Oaks Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro
Spyro Sheep Fan stamp by Thornacious

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