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PKMNation: Move-Teaching Commissions (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 7, 2015, 8:17 AM
                                      (Ignore if you aren't in :iconpkmnation:)

Info for move-teaching commissions-

     -I will only have a limited number of slots open at a time.

     - I must receive the points before I begin working on your commission.

     -Please don't send the points until I give you the okay.

     -There is a limit of two slots per person. This way more people will have a chance to get a slot if they want one.

     - Each move comes with 12 levels. That's  -[2x Full Body,  2x Shading, 2x Background].

     -Moves cost an average of 75Points each. However, more complex Pokemon (Ex. Nidoking, Rhydon, etc.) will cost 90 Points per move, since they are more time-consuming for me to do than say a Togepi, Duskull or Squirtle would be. I will be sure to tell you if the Pokemon you want me to teach will cost extra.

     -I will usually include one of my own Pokemon into the picture as well.

     -If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Move-Teaching Slots are currently: :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:

Available Slots:

1. :bulletred: CLOSED
2. :bulletred: CLOSED
3. :bulletred: CLOSED
4. :bulletred: CLOSED
5. :bulletred: CLOSED
6. :bulletred: CLOSED


Squiggy13's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, my name is Meg. I am a self-taught artist from Oklahoma, USA. I love to draw,read, and play video games. I mainly draw pokemon or animals, because I'm not to good at drawing people(but I am working on that!). Thanks for checking out my art and feel free to leave me a comment on what you think about my art. Don't be afraid to ask me questions I don't bite. ^-^

Some fun facts about me.

I love drawing. (This should be obvious.)
I love Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy 7 games. ( Axel and Vincent Valetine are my fave characters. ^0^)
I love nature and animals. ( Except monkeys and apes, I don't like them much.)
I am a Christian and proud of it! (God is good people!)
I am a very good shot with my .243 rifle. ( I can hit a bullseye the size of a quarter from 50 yards baby!)
I enjoy talking with people on DeviantArt. ( Feel free to drop me a comment sometime ^-^.)
I suffer from a disease called chronic procrastination. ( You're lucky I got around to typing this. -_-)
I think I have tendonitis in my hands and wrists. ( Cold weather really seems to make worse.)
I am quite shy. ( Don't stare at me! o.0)
I don't go to any college. ( Lack of funds.)
My job is being the pet sitter for the people in my town. (Little kids get on my nerves so I watch cats, dogs, and occasionally goats.)
I was in 4-H and showed goats. ( And loved every minute of it. ^0^)
I cross-stitch as well as draw. ( Don't lose you're needles in the floor it really hurts when you find them with your feet. 0oO)
I can be very cheap and tight with my money. ( I prefer the word frugal.)
It is my opinion that the 90's cartoons were the best. ( 90's fo evah!!)
I dislike it when people swear a lot. ( I mean really the air is polluted enough already people.)
I would love to visit Japan one day. (But doubt I ever will.)
I still enjoy playing Pokemon. ( Been playin for 15 years. Old habits die hard.)
I love dragons and other mythical creatures. ( Can't draw them very well though.)
I read every comment I get. ( Even if I don't reply.)
I am not a girly girl and hate dressing up. (HISS!!)
My favorite color is green. (Green, green and more green. ^-^)
I suffer from typing dyslexia. ( Thank God for spellcheck, I would be a mess without it.)
I can only speak English. ( Yep, I guess I'm just an Oklahoma hick.)
I am not a sporty person. ( I don't enjoy getting injured for the sake of sports. -.-)

Note me if you want my Skype name. ^-^
My youtube name: DatAwesomeSquiggy13


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